FIGURE 4-15. Upgrading methods are illustrated by these four related configurations in the evolution of the Titan Space Launch Vehicle family. Source: Lockheed-Martin Corp.

TABLE 4-7. Payload Capabilities and Rocket Propulsion Systems of Four Titan Space Launch Vehicle Configurations

Space Launch Vehicle

Titan II SLV

Titan III

Titan IV

Titan IV B

100 mi circular orbit, 28-6°

inclination from Cape Canaveral Same, but 99° launch from

Vandenberg AFB Elliptic orbit, 100 mi ->■ 1000 mi, 28.6° inclination

Payload for third-stage propulsion system, optional (see below)

Solid rocket boosters

(United Technologies/CSD)

Stage I, Aerojet LR 87-AJ-ll engine, N204 with 50% N2H4/50% UDMH Stage II, Aerojet LR 91-AJ-ll engine N204 with 50% N2H4 50% UDMH Stage III has several alternative systems for each vehicle; only one is listed here

Payloads (IbmJ in Low Earth Orbits for 2-Stage Configurations 5000 31,000 39,000

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