" Several of these, but not all, are added to CMDB propellant.

" Several of these, but not all, are added to CMDB propellant.

The oxidizing potential of the perchlorates is generally high, which makes this material suited to high specific impulse propellants. Both ammonium and potassium perchlorate are only slightly soluble in water, a favorable trait for propellant use. All the perchlorate oxidizers produce hydrogen chloride (HC1) and other toxic and corrosive chlorine compounds in their reaction with fuels. Care is required in firing rockets, particularly the very large rockets, to safeguard operating personnel or communities in the path of exhaust gas clouds. Ammonium perchlorate (AP) is supplied in the form of small white crystals. Particle size and shape influences the manufacturing process and the propellant burning rate. Therefore, close control of the crystal sizes and the size distribu-

TABLE 12-7. Typical Ingredients of Composite Solid Propellants


Percent Acronym

Typical Chemicals

Oxidizer (crystalline)

Metal fuel (also acts as a combustion stabilizer)

Fuel/Binder, polybutadiene type

Fuel/Binder, polyether and polyester type

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