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Chamber pressure Combustion temperature Specific heat ratio Required pump input power Turbine outlet pressure Turbine efficiency Molecular weight of gas Pressure drop between gas px = 5 MPa T, = 1500 K k= 1.25 970 kW 0 psia 65%

22 kg/kg-mol generator and turbine nozzle inlet

0.10 MPa

Windage and bearing friction is 10 kW. Neglect start transients. Answer: m = 0.257 kg/sec.

9. The propellant for this gas generator has these characteristics: Burn rate at standard conditions 4.0 mm/sec

Burn time Chamber pressure

110 sec 5.1 MPa

Pressure exponent n 0.55

Propellant specific gravity 1.47

Determine the size of an end-burning cylindrical grain.

Answer. Single end-burning grain 27.2 cm in diameter and 31.9 cm long, or two end-burning opposed grains (each 19.6 cm diameter x 31.9 cm long) in a single chamber with ignition of both grains in the middle of the case.

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