"Depends on specific vehicle location and scarfing of nozzle.

Sources: NASA, Aerojet Propulsion Company and Kaiser Marquardt Company.

are currently being used. The selection depends on specific application requirements, cost, inert mass, reliability, and safety considerations (see Refs. 6-4 and 6-5).

Some pressure feed systems can be prefilled with propellant and pressurizing agent at the factory and stored in readiness for operation. Compared to a solid propellant rocket unit, these storable prepackaged liquid propellant pressurized feed systems offer advantages in long-term storability and resistance to transportation vibration or shock.

The thrust level of a rocket propulsion system with a pressurized gas feed system is determined by the magnitude of the propellant flow which, in turn, is determined by the gas pressure regulator setting. The propellant mixture ratio in this type of feed system is controlled by the hydraulic resistance of the liquid propellant lines, cooling jacket, and injector, and can usually be adjusted by means of variable or interchangeable restrictors. Further discussion of the adjusting of thrust and mixture ratio can be found in Section 10.6 and in Example 10-3.

TABLE 6-4. Comparison of Two Types of Gas Pressurization Systems


Regulated Pressure



Stays essentially constant

Decreases as propellant is consumed

Gas storage

In separate high-pressure tanks

Gas is stored inside propellant tank with large ullage volume (30 to 60%)


Needs regulator, filter, gas valve,

Larger, heavier propellant tanks


and gas tank

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