length, m (ft)


characteristic chamber length, m (ft)


mass, kg

rii mass flow rate, kg/sec (lb/sec)

Pr Prandtl number (cpfi/K)

q heat-transfer rate or heat flow per unit area, J/m2-sec (Btu/ft2-sec)

Q volume flow rate, m3/sec (ft3/sec), or heat flow rate, J/sec r flow mixture ratio (oxidizer to fuel)

t time, sec ts stay time, sec tw wall thickness, m (in.)

T absolute temperature, K (R)

V specific volume, m3/kg(ft3/lb)

Vc combustion chamber volume (volume up to throat), m3 (ft3)

Greek Letters

Yo angle between chamber axis and oxidizer stream

Yf angle between chamber axis and fuel stream

A finite differential

S angle between chamber axis and the resultant stream e nozzle area ratio (e = A2/At), or emissivity of radiating body

9 angle k thermal conductivity, J/(m2-sec-K)/m (Btu/in.2-sec2- R/in.)

A. coefficient of thermal expansion, m/m-K (in./in.-R)

fj. viscosity, m2/sec v Poisson ratio p density, kg/m3 (lbf/ft3)

a Stefan-Boltzmann constant (5.67 x 10"8 W/m2-K4) Subscripts am arithmetic mean c chamber

/ fuel or final condition g gas

I liquid o oxidizer t throat w wall wg wall on side of gas wl wall on side of liquid

0 initial condition

1 inlet or chamber condition

2 nozzle exit condition

3 atmosphere or ambient condition

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