1. Explain the physical or chemical reasons for a maximum value of specific impulse at a particular mixture ratio of oxidizer to fuel.

2. Explain why, in Table 5-8, the relative proportion of monatomic hydrogen and monatonic oxygen changes markedly with different chamber pressures and exit pressures.

3. This chapter contains several charts for the performance of liquid oxygen and RP-1 hydrocarbon fuel. By mistake the next shipment of cryogenic oxidizer contains at least 15% liquid nitrogen. Explain what general trends should be expected in the results of the next test in the performance values, the composition of the exhaust gas under chamber and nozzle conditions, and the optimum mixture ratio.

4. A mixture of perfect gases consists of 3 kg of carbon monoxide and 1.5 kg of nitrogen at a pressure of 0.1 MPa and a temperature of 298.15 K. Using Table 51, find (a) the effective molecular mass of the mixture, (b) its gas constant, (c) specific heat ratio, (d) partial pressures, and (e) density.

Answers: (a) 28 kg/kg-mol, (b) 297 J/kg-K, (c) 1.40, (d) 0.0666 and 0.0333 MPa, (e) 1.13 kg/m3.

5. Using information from Table 5-2, plot the value of the specific heat ratio for carbon monoxide (CO) as a function of temperature. Notice the trend of this curve; it is typical of the temperature behavior of other diatomic gases.

Answers: k= 1.28 at 3500 K, 1.30 at 2000 K, 1.39 at 500 K.

6. Modify and tabulate two entries in Table 5-5 for operation in the vacuum of space, namely oxygen/hydrogen and nitrogen tetroxide/hydrazine. Assume the data in the table represents the design condition.

7. The figures in this chapter show several parameters and gas compositions of liquid oxygen burning with RP-1, which is a kerosene-type material. For a mixture ratio of 2.0, use the compositions to verify the molecular mass in the chamber and the specific impulse (frozen equilibrium flow in nozzle) in Fig. 5-1.

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