a burning rate constant, also called temperature coefficient

Ab solid propellant burning area, m2 (ft2)

Ap port area (flow area of gases inside grain cavity or between and around propellant grains), m2 (ft2)

At nozzle throat cross-sectional area, m2 (ft2)

bf web fraction, or web thickness-to-radius ratio c effective exhaust velocity, m/sec (ft/sec)

c* characteristic exhaust velocity, m/sec (ft/sec)

cp specific heat of gas, kcal/kg-K

cs specific heat of solid, kcal/kg-K

CF thrust coefficient

Er relaxation modulus, MPa (psi)

F average thrust, N (lbf)

go acceleration due to gravity at sea level, 9.8066 m/sec2 (32.2 ft/sec2)

G mass flow rate, kg-m2/sec h enthalpy per unit mass, J/kg or Btu/lbm

Is specific impulse, sec

k specific heat ratio

K ratio of burning surface to throat area, Ab/A,

L length, m m mass, kg m mass flow rate, kg/sec n burning rate exponent p pressure, MPa (lbf/in.2)

Pi chamber pressure, MPa (lbf/in.2)

Pr Prandtl number, n-Cpfx r propellant burning rate (velocity of consumption), m/sec or mm/sec or in./sec

R gas constant, J/kg-K

t time, sec ta action time, sec tb burn time, sec

T absolute temperature, K(R)

v2 theoretical exhaust velocity, m/sec (ft/sec)

Vb propellant volume, m3 (ft3)

Vc chamber volume, m3 (ft3)

Vf volumetric loading fraction, %

w total effective propellant weight, N (lbf)

wG total loaded rocket weight, or gross weight, N (lbf)

w weight rate of flow, N/sec (lbf/sec)

Greek Letters a heat transfer factor

P constant

8 partial derivative

€ elongation or strain k conductivity

/x viscosity

7tK temperature sensitivity coefficient of pressure, p density, kg/m3 (lbm/ft3)

o„ temperature sensitivity coefficient of burning rate, f propellant mass fraction

Subscripts b solid propellant burning conditions p pressure or propellant or port cavity t throat conditions

0 initial or reference condition

1 chamber condition

2 nozzle exit condition

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