cp specific heat at constant pressure, J/kg-K (Btu/lbm-R)

CF thrust coefficient (see Eq. 3-30)

go sea-level acceleration of gravity, 9.806 m/sec2 (32.17 ft/sec2)

Ah enthalpy change, J/kg (Btu/lb)

(Hs)a available pump suction head above vapor pressure, often called net positive suction head, m (ft)

(Hs)r required pump suction head above vapor pressure, m (ft)

Is specific impulse, sec (lbf-sec/lbf)

k specific heat ratio

m mass flow rate, kg/sec

N shaft speed, rpm (rad/sec)

Ns specific speed of pump p pressure, N/m2 (lbf/in.2)

Q volume flow rate, m3/sec (ft3/sec)

r flow mixture ratio (oxidizer to fuel flow)

S suction specific speed of pump t time, sec

T absolute temperature, K (R)

u tip speed or mean blade speed, m/sec (ft/sec)

Greek Letters

A finite differential discharge correction factor thrust correction factor r] efficiency

A. coefficient of thermal expansion, m/m-K (in./in.-R)

i¡f constant

Subscripts c chamber e maximum efficiency

/ fuel gg gas generator o oxidizer oa overall engine system

P pump

T turbine

0 initial condition

1 inlet

2 outlet

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