Figure 3.1. As Figure 3.6 but for the 0.5 Mpc aperture.

By focusing initially on P2/P0 it can be seen that three of the clusters appear to be relaxed systems (i.e., small This is because the 0.5

Mpc aperture only encloses 1 component of the double cluster and only the primary component of A85. The single component cluster A2029 appears relaxed on both the 0.5 and 1 Mpc scales. However, A514 is complex on many scales and it is easily distinguished from the other reference clusters as a disturbed system in the 0.5 Mpc aperture. Of course, one only needs to appeal to P3/P0 to verify that both the double and complex clusters are actually in a younger dynamical state than the others. Hence, the power ratios represent a quantitative implementation of the Jones & Forman classification scheme, particularly on the 0.5 Mpc scale.

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