Robert P Kirshner

exploding stars dark energy and the accelerating cosmos extravagant u n iVe r s e

Robert P. Kirshner

With a new epilogue by the author

Princeton University Press Princeton and Oxford

Copyright © 2002 hy Robert P Kirshner

Published hy Print el(in University Press. 41 WillLim Street.

Print'(. ton, New Jersey 08540

In the United Kingdom Princeton University Press. 5 Market Plat e, Woodstock, Oxfordshire 0X20 1SY All Rights Resmtil

Fourth priming, ¿nd first paperback printing, for the Princeton Science Library, with j new epilogue, ¿004 Paperhack 1SKN 0-691-1L74Z-X

The doth edition of this book ha,s hct*n cataloged us follows

Library of Congress Control Number 2002029268

ISBN 0-691-05862-8 (doth alk paper)

British Library Cj ta logi ng-i n -P u bl icj tie n Data is available

This book fu.s l)een composed in ITC Garamond Light

Printed on acid-free pjper ™

p.s] printeton lx!u

Printed in the United States of America

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