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Online Data Entry Jobs

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Reporting your observations

The most convenient method for submitting your observations to the AAVSO is their on-line WebObs system. The contents and format for the entries are shown in Figure 3.5. You can follow this example as a template for your own data entry. The variable star is identified either by its Designation (0022+30) or its Name (YZ And). This particular observation was made on January 12,2006, at 08 15 ut, so that is the reported Date . If you prefer, you can convert the time to Julian Day and use JD in your report. (See Appendix A if you are not familiar with UT or JD.) The interpolated brightness of the star is entered as 12.5 (rounded to a single decimal place for visual observations). If the star was invisible, enter the faintest comp star that you could see in the Mag cell, and check the Fainter Than button. Since the mag 12.3 and mag 13.0 comparison stars were used as the basis for estimating the target's brightness, they are entered in the indicated field. The comp stars were selected from...

The Growth Of Disk Galaxies

Out to redshifts of z 1, these data form a high redshift Tully-Fisher relation that spans four magnitudes and extends to well below L*, with no obvious change in shape or slope with respect to the local relation. A comparison of disk surface brightness between local and high redshift samples yields an offset in accordance with distance-dependent surface brightness selection effects, as can the apparent change in disk size with redshift for disks of a given mass. These results support low O0 models of formation, and provide further evidence for modest increases in luminosity with lookback time for the bulk of the field spiral galaxy population, given the limits imposed by the parent HST+WFPC2 imaging catalog.

Reconstructed global observations

The first IPS data used in the corotating and time-dependent tomography were combinations of Cambridge, England and STELab IPS velocity data. These data form the basis for the analyses shown in Figure 17.9a (from Jackson et al. 1998). The same time interval from Carrington rotation 1884 during the year 1994 is reconstructed in both of these analyses. In the corotational analyses, which assumes an unchanging source surface with time, there are clear discrepancies (see Jackson et al. 1998) that could be better dealt with if the model were allowed to evolve with time. Indeed, when the time-dependent tomography began to work, both corotating structures and CMEs (see Figure 17.96) were observed in the models. Unfortunately, during these time periods no space-based coronagraph was operating to certify the CME shapes in the lower corona. It wasn't until after the Cambridge array was closed in 1994 September that the LASCO coronagraphs on SOHO began operation.

Submitting your observations

The contents and format for CCD entries is described in Figure 4.10. You can follow this example as a template for your own data entry. The variable star is identified either by its Name (PG 2337+300) or its Designation (2335+29). I use Universal Time on my observatory computer. This particular observation was made on November 1, 2005 at 04 06 ut, so that is how the Date is reported. If you prefer, you can convert the time to Julian Day and use JD in your report. (See Appendix A if you are not familiar with UT or JD.) The interpolated brightness of the star is entered as V 14.01 (CCD observations should be entered to the nearest hundredth of a magnitude). If the star was not visible on your image, then you would enter the brightness of the faintest comp star that you could detect, and check the Fainter Than box. Since the mag 13.713 and mag 14.248 comparison stars were used as the basis for calculating the target's brightness in this example, they are entered in the...

Engine Design

If the preliminary design does not meet the engine requirements, then changes need to be made to the initial engine decisions and, if that is not sufficient, sometimes also to the mission requirements themselves. Components, pressure balances, and so forth will be reanalyzed and the results will be a modified version of the engine configuration, its inert mass, and performance. This process is iterated until the requirements are met and a suitable engine has been found. The initial design effort culminates in preliminary layouts of the engine, a preliminary inert mass estimate, an estimated engine performance, a cost estimate, and a tentative schedule. These preliminary design data form the basis for a written proposal to the customer for undertaking the final or detail design, development, testing, and for delivering engines.

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