ALPO Lunar Meteoritic Impact Search Observation Report Form 1 Revised 21 May 2004

Observer Name & Address:

Location of Observation:_

UT Date UT Date UT Date UT Date

UT Start: UT Start: UT Start UT Start


Observing method(s) used (video, visual with tape recorder & WVW, other):

Transparency (1-6):_

Clouds {none, haze, very few, scattered, variable, broken, overcast):

Was reaction figured into the time of event? (y or n) _

List event(s) observed and / or suspected Use the Observation Report Form #2 to pinpoint where on the moon the event(s) was (were) seen. Make sure to cross-reference these events (#1, #2, etc.) Include the following: Date & Time (UT, to the nearest second), Confidence (%), Comments (estimated magnitude, apparent color, duration of event, different method used, etc.) Continue on back if necessary


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