The Foveon

There is an alternative to the Bayer matrix. Sigma digital SLRs use Foveon sensors ( This type of sensor consists of three layers, red-, green-, and blue-sensitive, so that each pixel is actually recorded in all three colors.

In principle, this should be a good approach, but so far, the Foveon has not found extensive use in astrophotography, and no one has reported any great success with it.

Some confusion is created by the fact that Foveon, Inc., insists on counting all three layers in the advertised megapixel count, so that, for example, their "14.1-megapixel" sensor actually outputs an image with about 4.5 million pixels (each rendered in three colors). A 14-megapixel Bayer matrix actually has 14 million virtual pixels (Figure 2.4).

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