Things to set once and leave alone

These are settings that you can probably leave unchanged as you go back and forth between astrophotography and daytime photography.

Auto Rotate (Rotate Tall): Off. Tell the camera not to rotate images if it thinks you are holding the camera sideways or upside down. Doing so can lead to very confusing astrophotos.

CSM/Setup Menu: Full. This is a Nikon option to show the full custom settings menu rather than a shortened version. You'll need it to get to some of the other settings.

Figure 3.6. Dots punched out of red vinyl tape make good covers for the power-on LED and self-timer indicator.

High ISO NR: Normal. This is a Nikon setting that apparently improves picture quality but does not affect the "star eater."

Magnified View: Image Review and Playback. This is a Canon XTi (400D) setting that makes it easier for you evaluate focus right after taking a picture. With this option enabled, you don't have to press > ("Play") to magnify the picture. You can press "Print" and "Magnify" together to start magnifying the picture while it is still being displayed for review.

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