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Image-processing software enhances image details (Figures 2.11 and 2.12). How you view the image affects how you process it. For example, if you display your image on the Web, the image needs to be smaller than about 800 x 600 pixels to be Web site-friendly. This allows the complete image to be displayed on most computer monitors without scrolling. If you want to print the image, then process the image to have a resolution of 240 to 300 dpi and adjust the image to be brighter in the dark areas than a Web image because most printers will not print details in the very dark areas.

When sharpening the Moon, watch carefully for oversharpening and creating a bright edge at the limb. Cor Berrevoets' RegiStax ( wavelet image processing does a good job sharpening the image.

Figure 2.11. Moon image before processing.

The Nikon 990 full resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels; its image needs to be resized 50% to 25% smaller to be Web site-friendly. Furthermore, as the image is resized smaller, the perceived image noise decreases and the image looks sharper.

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