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Consumer digital cameras have revolutionized the ease of taking great pictures of the Moon and Sun (Figure 2.1). In no time at all you can aim your digital camera into the telescope eyepiece, take a picture, evaluate the result on the camera monitor and adjust the camera/telescope to improve your exposure. And of course you have the pleasure of seeing your results right away.

Digital cameras have no film and processing expense. As a result, the number of images is unlimited because you keep the best and delete the rest. This allows you to improve your imaging technique by experimenting with different settings and configurations. And most important, taking many images improves the odds of obtaining a stunningly detailed one during an instant of good seeing.

Digital camera images are easily enhanced with image processing software. By taking multiple images you can create lunar mosaics (Figure 2.2) or create time-lapse lunar and solar eclipse movies. Digital cameras provide a new exciting dimension to amateur astronomy.

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Get Paid to Take Digital Photos

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