The Hardware

I have chosen a combination of mount and software to do just that. Both of these come from Software Bisque. This ensures ongoing compatibility between the mount and its control program. The mount is the Paramount. This is widely recognized as the most accurate commercial mount available. I own three of these, two model 1100s and one 1100S. These are early versions of the Paramount ME, that, with its enhancements, is even more accurate. My mounts and control software are capable of pointing with an accuracy of less than one arc-minute across the entire sky. The focal length of each of my three C14 f/11 SCTs at 154 inches gives me a field of just under 11 x 11 arcminutes. This is big enough to capture all but the largest galaxies and makes it easier to ensure the galaxy is found. It allows for catalog errors that can sometimes cause incorrect locating of galaxies.

Full Robotic Operation

Control Flow

Figure 12.1.

Software control flow, showing how all the components fit together.

Figure 12.2. Screen shot of TheSky, the main control software for the mount.

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Digital Camera and Digital Photography

Digital Camera and Digital Photography

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