I am extremely grateful to my colleagues who have contributed their expertise so willingly in the chapters within: Andreas Alzner, Graham Appleby, Owen Brazell, Michael Greaney, Andreas Maurer, Michael Ropolewski, Christopher Taylor, Tom Teague, Nils Turner and Doug West. I also thank Andreas Alzner, Michael Greaney and Jean-Fran├žois Courtot for help in proof-reading. Needless to say, mine is the final responsibility for any errors which might escape the various proof-reading exercises.

My thanks are also due to Patrick Moore who first suggested the idea of this volume and John Watson, Springer's Managing Editor, who has been very supportive throughout the whole process.

Finally my wife Angela has not only had to contend with many hours of my sitting in front of the computer but has actively encouraged me to "get the thing finished".

Bob Argyle Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire 2003 March

Zum Raum wird hier die Zeit (Time here becomes space) - Parsifal, Act 1.

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