Mauro Gallo, from Buenos Aires, reports that members of the Amigos de la Astronomia group have begun observing and measuring binary stars using a 10-inch Meade LX-200 telescope with an ST-7E CCD camera for the imaging and using the Astrometrica program with

Figure 20.1. An image of the pair WDS18510-1747 =HJ 2832 (0 = 338°, p = 28"7, magnitude A = 8.7, magnitude B = 10.6). This image was taken on 2001, Aug 28 at 23:56:28 UT. Exposure time: 10 seconds. Camera cooled to -20 °C. The A star of this pair is the brightest star in the centre of the frame image whilst star B is up and to the right to the A star. There are 228 reference stars in this unusually rich field. Note the epistence of other pairs on this image, none of which has been catalogued as yet (M. Gallo).

the USNO A2.0 catalogue (reference stars) to carry out the reductions. With this equipment they are able to measure binaries with magnitudes down to V = 17 and in the zone +30 to -90° declination, with separations from 5'' upwards with high precision. Fig. 20.1 shows an example of their work.

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