Christopher Taylor

Originally trained as a theoretical physicist, Christopher Taylor teaches mathematics and astronomy over a wide range of undergraduate courses and is tutor on the University Department for Continuing Education's long-running astronomy evening classes in Oxford. He is

Director of the Hanwell Community Observatory, a public educational venture set up in partnership with the Oxford Department under the Royal Society's Millennium Awards Scheme. This will contain one of the largest telescopes in Britain wholly dedicated to public and educational astronomy, as well as other instruments from 4 to 30 inches aperture (0.1 to 0.76 m) available for amateur research. Christopher Taylor has been an active observer since 1966, for most of that time using the same 12.5-inch (0.32 m) reflector, with a long standing interest in visual binaries which has become his main observational pursuit since 1992. Other observational interests are high-resolution optical work in general (including, e.g. planetary), optical spectroscopy and broadly anything quantitatively measurable in the sky. For further information on the Hanwell Observatory see (

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