The Hungarian Double Star Section, established in 1992, publishes a column in the monthly journal of the Hungarian Astronomical Association, Meteor and is led by Tamas Ladanyi.

There is also a double star circular, Binary, which is published once a year. It includes articles, translations and maps about double stars and is edited by Tamas Ladanyi.

Between 1991 and 2000 about 7000 mainly visual observations were made but several observers are now making measures, in particular Erno Berko who has made more than 200 measures with his CCD camera and 35.5-cm reflector, Andras Dan using a micrometer and a 20-cm Maksutov-Cassegrain reflector and Tamas Ladanyi who measured doubles in 1999 with the 50-cm refractor in Nice, and has also made measures at the University of Szeged using a Celestron-11 and CCD camera.

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