Interferometric Data

The Third Catalog of Interferometric Measurements of Binary Stars is made up of all observations made by interferometric techniques whether it be speckle, ground-based arrays or even the early Michelsen Interferometer observations at Mount Wilson. It also includes data from the Hipparcos and Tycho catalogues. The common property is that the accuracy is extremely high and this is an ideal source of useful data for those who want to test the quality of their telescopes. The author has selected several hundred pairs from this list which show very little motion and thus can be used as a resolution test. The separations range from 0.2 to 2''. A subset can be found in Chapter 2.

Perhaps a more useful set of measures for those with a small telescope is those made by the USNO Astrometry Department using a speckle interferometer on the 26.5-inch refractor at Washington. Since 1990 and again under the direction of Charles Worley, an extensive programme of measurement of brighter binaries has been undertaken and the results have appeared in a series of papers in the Astronomical Journal and Astrophysical Journal Supplements (see, for example, Mason et al.1).

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