Observing and Measuring Visual Double Stars

With 106 Figures


British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Observing and measuring visual double stars. - (Patrick Moore's practical astronomy series) 1. Double stars - Observers' manuals 2. Double stars -Observations I. Argyle, Bob 523.8'41 ISBN 1852335580

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Observing and measuring visual double stars / Bob Argyle (ed.). p. cm. - (Patrick Moore's practical astronomy series, ISSN 1617-7185) Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 1-85233-558-0 (acid-free paper)

1. Double stars-Observers' manuals. I. Argyle, Robert W. II. Series. QB821.O2 2004

523.8'41-dc22 2003061881

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