Other Accessories

For observing I take the following items:

• A notebook in which the raw micrometer readings are written. These are transcribed to another volume later and the reductions made at home.

• A star atlas with the target stars marked. I have found that using Norton's Star Atlas and simple star-hopping is adequate in the vast majority of cases. The telescope is fitted with setting circles but there is no sidereal clock in the dome and the circles are not that easy to read in subdued light. When the pair is in a rich starfield it is occasionally necessary to take a more detailed map of the stars nearby in order to locate the pair in question.

• A torch with a piece of red plastic over the window allows the micrometer readings to be clearly seen as well as affording enough light to write down settings.

• Finally a list contains the stars to be measured along with the number of nights which each one requires and the number left to do.

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