Owen Brazell

As well as editing the Webb Society Deep-Sky Observer, Owen is also the assistant director of the British Astronomical Association's Deep-Sky Section and a regular contributor to Astronomy Now. When observing, his primary interests are in the observation of planetary and diffuse nebulae - although since the acquisition of a 20-inch Obsession telescope this has also moved to viewing galaxy clusters. His interest in astronomy was sparked by an attempt to see a comet from his native Toronto. From early years, he kept up his interest in astronomy which culminated in a degree in astronomy from St Andrews University in Scotland and taking though not completing an MSc in Astrophysics. At that time, he also gained an interest in the northern lights. As with many astronomers, finding no living there, he moved into the oil business first in R&D and then as a computer systems designer (this explains his interest in the computer side of astronomy). Despite this he still uses Dobsonian-type telescopes ranging from a 4-inch Genesis-sdf up to the Obsession. The recent plethora of fuzzy objects that move has re-awakened an interest in comets! His searches for dark skies have taken him from the mountains of Canada through Texas to the Florida Keys as well as to Wales - the only good dark sky site he has found so far in the UK.

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