The grain sizes determined here are considerably larger than those determined by overall light curve shape modeling [11]. Radiation pressure forces from main sequence stars can only eject grains of this size from the most massive O and possibly B0 stars [7,19], However, by our flare duration technique we cannot rule out the presence of smaller grains in addition to the larger ones needed to model the flare duration. Some authors [20] have assumed that the grains within each dustball meteoroid may follow the same mass distribution law as meteoroids themselves. An interesting question is whether dustball meteoroids may fragment in space, with their grains being subsequently ejected from the planetary system by radiation pressure forces. While this must occasionally occur, a consideration of the solar wind energy flux suggests that hundreds to thousands of Leonid orbital passages would be needed for a typical Leonid to remove the volatile component by solar wind sputtering. This is supported by the fact that obviously separated clusters appear relatively rare [21,22] although the transverse spread Leonids [13,23] may be less strongly separated clusters. In any case we conclude that it is likely that ejection from the early stages of planetary system formation [24] is probably a more significant source of interstellar meteoroids.

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Renewable Energy 101

Renewable Energy 101

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