Indian EO Pyramid

Essentially, any successful applications of high-technology such as Earth Observation need a scientific foundation. Understanding the basic science issues and carrying out appropriate research & development studies; building that into an applied research on specific areas of EO applications such as natural sciences, environment, ocean and atmosphere; taking up the applied research into pilot demonstration projects; and making it as an operational service are the basic blocks in EO science, technology and applications domain (Fig. 2).

For a developing country like India with many challenges, there is a widespread recognition that EO science, technology & applications could provide appropriate solutions, if the technological choices are appropriately made, adopted and absorbed in the quest towards national development. Obviously, the Indian EO pyramid will have to integrate all these elements of science, technology and applications; development of sensors & modeling; deriving actionable products and services in a cost effective and affordable manner; and integrating them in operational applications meeting the end-user requirements. Being targeted towards national development,

Fig. 2 India's earth observation Pyramid

Fig. 2 India's earth observation Pyramid

the Indian EO programme is largely for providing public good services, which could also provide business opportunities for the industries as well as research opportunities for the academia. To make them work, there is a need for an operational framework, which seamlessly integrates the EO science, technology & applications with the government, industry, and academia. Such a vital linkage between the end-users and the technology providers is enabled by NNRMS. It also enables the reach of the actionable products and services; in a top-down manner for the decision-makers and bottom-up manner for the community. Over the years, this unique concept with the Department of Space providing the essential linkages between various elements involved in the Indian EO Pyramid has enabled the EO services to extend to diversified areas ranging from Cartography to Climate. The concurrent development and deployment of services from state-of-the-art sensors and satellites in both IRS and INSAT series of satellites, and the tapping of the complementary/supplementary data sources from other international EO missions (CEOS, 2005), has further cemented these efforts.

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