Village Resources Centre VRC

The driving force of Indian space programme has always been taking the benefits of space technology to the society through technological intervention, community empowerment and delivery mechanism. In this background, VRC are set up across the country with a view to integrate its capabilities in satellite communications and satellite based earth observations to disseminate a variety of services emanating from the space systems and other IT tools to address the changing and critical needs of the rural community. This project addresses a need based single window delivery system for providing services in the areas of education, health, nutrition, weather, environment, agriculture and livelihoods to the rural population and to empower them to face the challenges. The VRC is a totally interactive VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) based network. VRCs are being set up in association with grass root level organisations, who have a strong field presence and experience of mobilising communities to act for development with proven track record.

The kind of services delivered at the VRCs include tele-education -focusing on vocational training in support of alternate livelihood, supplementary teaching to rural children, non-formal and adult education; tele-healthcare - focusing on preventive and curative healthcare at primary level; information on land and water resources derived from high-resolution IRS images - for better management of the land resources; interactive advisories to villagers - wherein experts at knowledge centers discuss with them on cropping systems, optimization of agricultural inputs (seeds, water, fertilizer, insecticides, pesticides, etc.), producer oriented marketing opportunities, crop insurance, etc; tele-fishery - providing satellite derived information and advisories on Potential Fishing Zones (PFZ) in those VRCs located in coastal tracts; e-Governance - information and guidance to local people on village-oriented governmental schemes on agriculture, poverty alleviation, rural employment, social safety nets and other basic entitlements, animal husbandry and livestock related, micro-finance related, etc; and local weather and agro-meteorology advisory. Over 460 VRCs set up across different regions of the country are already benefiting millions people on a day-to-day basis. The VRCs are also being populated across all the rural/semi-urban tracts in India.

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