Further reading

A 1957-1998 chronology of robotic solar-system space missions is included in Katharina Lodders' and Bruce Fegley jr's The Planetary Scientist's Companion (Oxford University Press, New York, 1998).

Many popular treatments of Mars exploration have been published. One beautiful popular edition is: Martin Caidin, jay Barbree and Susan Wright, Destination Mars (Penguin Putnam, New York, 1997).

European robotic space missions are summarized in a number of sources. One is: Giancarlo Genta and Michael Rycroft, Space: The Final Frontier (Cambridge University Press, New York, 2003). Aspects of the Galileo and Cassini/Huygens missions are also discussed in this source.

One source of current information regarding the status and accomplishments of robotic space missions is Spaceflight, a popular periodical published by the British Interplanetary Society. For a review of the early days of the Spirit/Opportunity missions to Mars, consult an article in the March 2005 issue of that magazine authored by Philip Corneille, entitled "Roving the Red Planet,'' Spaceflight, vol. 47, pp. 102-106.

Recent Cassini/Huygens results are reported by Clive Simpson, in articles entitled "The New Lord of the Rings,'' Spaceflight, vol. 46, pp. 353-355 (2004) and "Titan—A Glimpse into the Unknown,'' Spaceflight, vol. 47, pp. 94-99 (2005).

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