Long Way from Nowhere

Now just where did this Big Bang occur?

If the Big Bang took place somewhere, that place is, by definition, the center of the universe. Yet the cosmological principle forbids any such center. The Big Bang may resolve some open questions; but, it would seem, it also torpedoes the cosmological principle.

Actually, it doesn't—as long as we conclude that the Big Bang took place everywhere. And the only way such a conclusion could be true is if the Big Bang was not an explosion within an empty universe—the way a movie explosion is—but was an explosion of the universe itself. At early times in the universe, its entire volume was hotter than a stellar interior. The universe was and is all that exists and has ever existed.

Looked at this way, it is a symptom of geocentric bias to say that the galaxies are receding from us. Rather, the universe itself is expanding, and the galaxies (ourselves included) are moving along with that expansion.

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