From Here to Eternity

From our human perspective, the main sequence life span of an average G-type star such as the sun seems like an eternity. A good 10 billion years goes by before such a star enters the late stages of its life, having fused a substantial amount of hydrogen into helium.

At this point, the delicate equilibrium between gravity and radiation pressure shifts, and the structure of the star begins to change. At the core of the star is a growing amount of helium "ash." It is referred to as ash because it is the end product of the burning or fusion of hydrogen. While hydrogen is fusing in the core, the more massive helium nucleus cannot reach sufficient temperature to fuse into a heavier element. As the supply of hydrogen in the core is diluted by the helium ash, the force of gravity starts to win out over the pressure of the slowing fusion reactions. As a result, the core begins to shrink.

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