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first human footprint on the moon. The mare resemble terrestrial basalt, created by molten mantle material that, through volcanic activity, swelled through the crust.

The mass of the moon is insufficient for it to have held on to its atmosphere. As the sun heated up the molecules and atoms in whatever thin atmosphere the moon may have once had, they drifted away into space. With no atmosphere, the moon has no weather, no erosion—other than what is caused by asteroid impacts— and no life. While it was thought that the moon had absolutely no water, recent robotic lunar missions have shown that there may be water (in the form of ice) in the permanent shadows of the polar craters.

This footprint was left in the lunar dust by an Apollo 11 astronaut. Unless a stray meteoroid impact obliterates it, the print will last for millions of years on the waterless, windless moon.

(Image from NASA)

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