A Walk Around the Block

This part is an extended tour of the solar system, beginning with our nearest neighbor, the Moon. After some lunar exploration, we venture to an overview of how the solar system was born and has developed (Chapter 11) and how it looks and behaves today (Chapter 12). We even find time to linger among the comets and the asteroids.

The remaining three chapters of this part are devoted to the planets and the moons that cruise our "neighborhood." First, we investigate the planets most like our own, the terrestrials Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Then we go on to the distant jovian worlds—the outer giants Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, and Saturn. Finally, we take a closer look at the moons and rings of the jovians—and at the last planet discovered in our solar system, Pluto, which, as we'll see, seems more like a moon than a planet.

Telescopes Mastery

Telescopes Mastery

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