CCDs for college teaching

Complete thermoelectrically cooled CCD cameras packaged into small units ready for attaching to modest-sized telescopes have flooded onto the market and opened up a great opportunity for amateur astronomers and for teaching uses at schools, colleges, and universities. If you are reading this book it is likely that you have access to a CCD camera. A wide variety of cameras are available with small CCDs of only 192 x 165 pixels such as the TC211, up to those with 2,048 x 2,048 pixels like the Kodak KAF4200. Some companies sell only the camera heads and electronics while others provide PC-based image-processing software ready to support popular cameras. A few companies provide complete turn-key packages containing camera, computer, and software ready to control your small telescope. One of the best resources is to look at the ads placed in magazines such as Sky & Telescope and then go to the web sites of the companies involved.

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