An Improvement Module For The Cs100 Controller

In order to improve CS100 performance the electronics were upgraded by reusing its useful modules: parallelism servo control, position sensing and high voltage circuitry. A new plug-in module was developed to suit the

OSIRIS requirements. This new control module will be connected to the original CS100 by taking advantage of pre-existing testing and interface connectors. Using these connectors allows easy installation of the module without any modifications of the CS100 internal electronics.

The new control electronics has two main elements: the application board and the control board. The application board is the principal component of the new design (see Fig. 3). It includes several functional modules:

• 16 bit position control module

• automatic quadrature control module

• front panel control module

• gauge reading module

• CCD synchronization module

• interface and communication module

Figure 3. The application board.

All these functional modules are operated by the control board. An Avnet FPGA evaluation board has been used for this prototype. This board, very powerful and flexible, is based on a Xilinx Spartan IIE FPGA. The use of microcontroller embedded technology speeds the software development. All the functions of the improved system can be controlled with a remote terminal using a complete set of commands.

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