The following page provides a selection of 11 DISR images from the MRI, HRI and SLI channels. The SLI image was taken after landing showing details of Titan's surface.

Xyz Plane Mri

Section II:

Non-Astronomical Applications


The Use of a CTIA Detector in Ion Mobility Spectrometry M. Bonner Denton, Andrew K. Knight and Roger P. Sperline

Department of Chemistry, University of Arizona

Abstract: The ability to detect ions is of foremost importance in a wide number of chemical instruments. Over the last five years we have made significant progress implementing mass spectrometer detector arrays using concepts adapted from CTIA preamplifier array technology. These detectors demonstrate all the desirable characteristics of Faraday type detectors, with sensitivities approaching those of multiplier detectors, but are easily fabricated into long linear arrays - providing an important multiplex advantage for focal plane geometry mass spectrometers. Optimized single channel detectors have been developed with the ultimate goal of direct detection of single ions. Extremely high impedance CTIA amplifiers have been integrated with low capacitance collection elements to produce a detection system capable of direct measurement of charge with very high sensitivity.

Key words: Capacitive Trans Impedance Amplifiers (CTIAs), ion.

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