Design Of The Test Facility

Figure 3. 3-D model of the test facility design.

A 3-D model of the CRIRES facility is shown in Fig. 3. The blackbody is supported by epoxy spiders at a distance of 20 cm from the focal plane with an aperture of 20 mm. A filter wheel hosting 1 inch filters which are heat sinked to 60 Kelvin is mounted in front of the blackbody. The blackbody temperature can be changed from 80 to 380 Kelvin without changing the temperature of the focal plane by more than 10 mK. A background level of <0.2 electrons/sec/pixel was obtained with the Aladdin mosaic. A picture of the testfacility is shown in Fig. 4.

Figure 4. Moasic test facility in the ESO infrared laboratory. The blackbody and detectors are temperature controlled by two Lakeshore 340 controllers. The closed cycle cooler is mounted on the backside. On the right the cable connectors and the 128-channel IRACE controller can be seen. On the left the pre-vacuum and the turbo vacuum pump are shown (turbomolecular pump directly attached to the vessel).

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