One of the first images taken with the MMT Megacam, the largest operational focal plane array in astronomy. See the paper by McLeod, et al. for more information.

Color Photo Gallery

Forza d'Agro, site of the Tuesday pizza dinner.
Mark Downing enhances the spectacular sunset with a glass of fine Murgo champagne.
Mariana Casal, Claudio Cumani and William Kolbe enjoy the great service and delicious food at the Sunday evening reception.
A plate of cannoli that soon disappeared at the Thursday winery lunch.
Morley and Kay Blouke enjoy Sicilian cuisine at the Murgo Winery.


Workshop attendees are entertained by traditional music and dance at the Friday night "Festa Paesana" (Town Festival).
Fred Harris, conference scribe, shows his expertise on a keyboard not attached to a computer.


The French quarter at the Festa Paesana. (Balard, Darson, Gach, Feautrier, Labiche, Buey,Rondi, Guillaume, Beigbeder)
Marc Baril smashes readout noise, while Paul Berry anxiously awaits his turn.

The workshop included roundtables, such as the CMOS vs. CCD "Spaghetti Western".

The workshop included roundtables, such as the CMOS vs. CCD "Spaghetti Western".

The flags of the 21 countries represented by workshop participants graced the assembly hall.

The most preserved Greek temple in the world, the Temple of Concordia, was just one of several sites visited during the Saturday Agrigento trip. The other Saturday trip was to the top of Mt. Etna (see below).

Pizza dinner in Forza d'Agró town plaza.

The view of Taormina from Forza d'Agró.


The bay of Giardini Naxos, site of the workshop hotel.

Exuberant guests enjoying the Friday trip to Siracusa with special escort Doug Simons (far right).

Workshop participants debate how long it will take for Peter Love (second from right) to share his pizza in Forza d'Agro.
Colorful gifts on sale in Taormina.

Section I:

Observatory Status and Plans

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