Optical Paths

This instrument will present two optical paths in parallel (see Fig. 3):

• Direct imagery, in G-band (430.5 nm) allowing the tracking of granules and network bright points (a proxy for magnetic flux tubes). A 2.7 times enlargement of the focal image is made with two doublets.

• Magneto-Optical Filter (MOF) imagery [5] that will permit to get both a Dopplergram and a magnetogram of the solar surface, using four individual images, in a Potassium line at 770 nm. The same enlargement (2.7 times) of the image is achieved with three doublets and a triplet, as the beam needs to go through the two 100x25mm cells of the MOF (see Fig. 4).

Figure 3. Opto-mechanical design.
Figure 4. Optical beam of the MOF channel.

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