MUSE is an integral field spectrometer mounted at the Nasmyth focus of one of the VLT telescopes. Figure 1 shows the tentative optical configuration. The Fore Optics (FO) split a large field of view into 24 sub-fields. 24 Integral Field Units (IFU) provide the spectral decomposition of the sub-fields. The IFUs include an Image Slicer Subsystem (ISS), Spectrometer Subsystem (SPS) and an Instrument Detector Subsystem (IDS). The spectral coverage of MUSE is 465 to 930 nm, the total field of view in wide field mode is 1*1 arcmin2, and 7.5^7.5 arcsec2 in narrow field mode. The total weight of the instrument will be approximately 7 tons. Commissioning of MUSE is planned for 2011.

Figure 1. MUSE optical configuration.

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