Plasma Cleaning In Ready Assembled Cryostats

Another very useful application is igniting the plasma in an already assembled detector cryostat. This is possible with an additional transformer and high voltage anode simply glued to the entrance window of the cryostat (see Fig. 3). This technique is extremely useful to maintain optimum cleanliness after a short opening of the cryostat for minor modifications. Without this special plasma cleaning technique it would not have been possible to clean the OmegaCAM cryostat due to its large volume (approx. 120l volume). There was no alternative to this internal plasma ignition technique. After some minutes of ignition, the entire OmegaCAM cryostat was filled with violet-colored magic glowing plasma (see Fig. 4).

Figure 3. Special arrangement: plasma ignition inside a ready assembled cryostat.
Figure 4. OmegaCAM cryostat during plasma cleaning.

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