System Requirements

As a direct result of previously made considerations and by comparison with the present advancements in the field of detector controllers we derived the following requirements for the VISIR-C project [3,4]:

1. Upgrades for the previous generation of transputer based VME/VSB boards ensuring compatibility with high level SW (table editors)

2. Compatibility with modern bus architecture, i.e., PCI, CPCI, VME and use of dedicated single-chip modern bus-adapters (AMCC chips in this case)

3. Use of host computer memory for data storage via PCI fast data transfers assuring an easy upgrade path

4. Use of fast throughput, full-duplex, data & controls link between host interface and remote electronics (1.2 Gbaud in the present case)

5. On board (host interface) generation of detector clock sequences and transmission through the fast control link

6. A simple expansion scheme for the controller adding boards to the system.

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