The Cs100 Controller

The CS100 is a standard controller produced by ICOS for their tunable filters (see Fig. 2). This device is an accurate position servo-controller that applies correct voltage to each piezoelectric actuator to adjust gap width and parallelism between the mirrors. It can be controlled manually from its front panel, or remotely through a RS-232 serial port. Although the system is very reliable, it is a dated design and its specifications do not completely satisfy the OSIRIS requirements:

• The CS100 is only capable of remotely controlling the gap between the mirrors with a resolution of 2 ^m. OSIRIS needs to control the cavity width of the entire filter range (8-10^m), and with a resolution >0.5 nm.

• The CS100 allows remote control of some frontal panel switches and buttons. OSIRIS needs to control all front panel elements, and be able to read the front panel gauges.

• OSIRIS also needs to quickly adjust the cavity width and to synchronize with an external CCD controller trigger signal. The CS100 controller does not have this function.

Figure 2. The CS100 controller.

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