The Dark Energy Camera DECam on the 4 m Blanco Telescope

The Dark Energy Camera (DECam) [3] is a collaboration led by Fermilab to build a 62 CCD Imager. DECam observing is scheduled to start in 2009. Entirely replacing the existing PF assembly of the 4 m Blanco telescope, this 62 CCD Imager (see Fig. 1) spans a FOV which is 2.2 degrees or 448 mm in diameter, at a scale of 0.27"/pix . DECam will be used for a 5000 sq. deg. survey to constrain the dark energy parameter w to within 5%. Dark energy will be probed by way of galaxy cluster counting, weak gravitational lensing, spatial clustering of galaxies and type Ia Supernovae distances.

Figure 1. A simulated image of the 62 CCDs in the DECam focal plane.

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