The Monsoon Configuration Toolbox

Although the XML files are simple text files, their internal structures are complex enough to make proper input/edit tools mandatory. The tools provide basic HTML forms in which configuration information is filled in according to templates (also in XML format). These templates have been previously defined for each level of the process, along with the tools required to create/edit the corresponding XML files.

There are specific DTD and XSL files that apply to the template XML files. The XSL file contains HTML display rules to produce the corresponding forms, including the posting of the form data to the configuration tools processing server.

The processing is performed by a Java servlet running on an application server, which receives the data from the HTML forms and generates the corresponding XML files. By using templates to define the form structures, we allow for changes in form content without the need to modify the underlying Java code.

Figure 3 shows the complete configuration data flow when the toolbox set is used. It shows how the toolbox is used to generate and edit the configuration data XML files.

Plane Figure Hierarchy
Figure 2. An example of a data hierarchy tree.
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Figure 3. The configuration data flow when using the toolbox set.

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