The Performance Of The Improved Cs100 Controller

Several test bench arrangements have been developed in order to test the functionality and validate the specifications of the new electronics. The results have been very successful:

• It is now possible to control the tunable filters over their entire wavelength range with a resolution greater than 0.5 nm. Measurements made in two different ways (optical spectrum analyzer and photometry), have shown that the 16 bit resolution of the improved CS100 controller can be resolved. This resolution is equivalent to 0.15 nm of mirror displacement.

• The quadrature error is compensated automatically without the use of the front panel quadrature control.

• It is possible to control all the front panel elements remotely, as well as the reading of the gauges.

• It is possible to synchronize the tunable filter with an external trigger signal. The set of programmable gap widths is stored in a table in the control board memory, allowing quick gap changes.

Based on this prototype (see Fig. 4), we are currently developing the final product of the improvement module for the CS100. This final version will be a 3U plug-in module, and is planned to be completed and tested by the end of 2005.

Figure 4. The prototype working with the CS100.

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