Entropy deviations from a smooth radially symmetric model overlaid with radio contours (90 cm). Radio map kindly provided by F. Owen. The E and SW radio lobes coincide well with the regions of low entropy in the X-ray arms. Also, the edge of the large radiolobe to the north roughly coincides with a NW edge in the entropy map. See also page 88

Gaussian smoothed 0.5 - 2 keV image with 20 cm radio contours. See also page 98
x [ kpc ] x [ kpc ]

Projected gas density maps of a galaxy cluster simulation at redshift z = 0.1, as indicated in the upper-left corner of the panels. The left-hand panel shows the gas density distribution in the case of a non-radiative run, while the right-hand panel gives the gas density distribution when Braginskii shear viscosity is "switched-on", using a suppression factor of 0.3. See also page 239

Relative CR pressure, non-radiative simulation:

Relative CR pressure, radiative simulation:

SX difference map:

Compton-y difference map:

SX difference map:

x [ h- Mpc ]

"Top panels: Relative cosmic ray pressure in a 1014 Mq cluster in non-radiative simulations (left) and simulations with dissipative gas physics (right). Bottom panels: Cosmic ray-induced difference of X-ray surface brightness (left) and Compton y-parameter (right) compared to corresponding simulation without cosmic rays. See also page 376."

Time evolution of a radio source bubble in a 2D MHD simulation for ß = 120. Magnetic pressure is on the left, and density is shown on the right. (From Jones & De Young 2005.) See also page 206

Global evolution of the cluster temperature during 4 Gyr. The box dimension is 400 x 400 kpc. See also page 331

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