Computational fluid dynamics results

Moreno et al. (1991) developed 2-D axisymmetric numerical models based on the conservation equations of inviscid, compressible gas dynamics to simulate both sublimation and volcanic atmospheres. They were the first to simulate the re-entry shocks but, due to a lack of spatial resolution and a narrowly focused jet-like input, did not find a canopy shock. Moreno et al. were able to model deposition rings, compute regions where snow condensation may occur in a plume, relate plume dynamic time- and length scales to loss mechanisms of atmospheric species to the plasma torus, and explore the relative contributions of the volcanic and sublimation atmospheres on the day and night sides of Io. Though they obtain flows having features modestly consistent with observations and more recent DSMC simulations, they have extended an inviscid flow model well beyond its range of applicability.

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