Reflectors Versus Refractors

What is the essential difference between a reflecting telescope and a refracting telescope? Explain._

Answer: The main optical part (objective). A reflecting telescope uses a mirror, whereas a refracting telescope uses a lens to collect and focus starlight.

Telescopes are often described by both their aperture size and f number. The f number is the ratio of the focal length of the main lens or mirror to the aperture. These specifications are important because the brightness, size, and clarity of the image produced by a telescope depend on the aperture and focal length of its main lens or mirror.

For example, a "150-mm (6-inch), f/8 reflector" means the primary mirror is 150 mm (6 inches) in diameter and has a focal length of 1200 mm (8 x 150), or 48 inches (8 x 6).

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