Ease of Setup

Binoculars of 100-mm aperture or smaller are usually trivially easy to set up. If they are to be hand-held (usually 50 mm or smaller), all that is required is that the interpupillary distance and focus are set. They do not normally require time to reach thermal equilibrium, so they can literally be regarded as "grab and go" instruments, with observations being made within a minute or so of the decision to observe!

Even larger binoculars are generally considerably simpler to set up than many telescopes. Binoculars are not generally equatorially mounted on account of the awkward position that such mounting would require of the observer's head! For this reason, binoculars are usually mounted on some form of altazimuth mount, often a photographic tripod and head. Even with 6kg (13.5lb) binoculars on a sophisticated parallelogram mount, I routinely find that I am observing in less than 10 minutes of having made the decision to observe.

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